Who are the animals here?

Since 2009 someone ordered to invading and clearing the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in 2013 they invaded more parts of the reserved forest land, in 2014 the burnt parts of the forest for making buildings, and in 2015 they have already started to construct the building illegally. I mean so much has started and no one noticed it, is there soo much corruption that anybody with money can invade and destroy nature and home of animals that too of a reserved forest land.


“Jayant hovala, Mumbai

The draft development plan put spokes kolanisarakhya Mumbai Metro karaseda largest green strips and for two and a half thousand more trees in aretila been sankrata or event fresh is now revealed shocking fact that Sanjay Gandhi National Park dongaraca being cut off. In the last few years in the past continues in Goregaon IT Park Dindoshi east, about 25 acres of green belt is being systematically destroyed.

Vanajamininvarila permanent resident of the Supreme Court decision to the construction. However, the park is a green belt ‘buffer zone’ is coming into place, do not expect any interference rather obvious. Has not been permitted to destroy the wood. 25 acres of green belt is still work to leveling the mountains.

According to the report we have, has been appointed Assistant vanasanraksakanci probe. They will be further action after the report.

– Vikas Gupta, Director, Sanjay Gandhi National Park”

This was a news article from ‘Maharashtra Times’.
surprisingly no such article was seen in TOI or Times of India.

What ever may be the reason, I can’t understand why isn’t anybody doing anything and how can some people just take up a part of forest land and build buildings there. And the height of Irony is that to attract people to live in these illegal houses they put up motto’s like ” Live with the nature”.
I mean what the hell man, you just destroyed nature and this is your motto.

And when leopard enter their houses the people act so harshly with the animal that sometimes the poor creature dies from a heart attack (It’s true I can give you the newspaper article). I mean you people are invading their space and you complain they are entering your house, huh. These animals should be given right to kill the people who have been living there or better, the developers of the building.
Here is a cartoon to describe what I am talking about.


I hope there is at least 1 non-corrupted NGO  that can look into this matter. It is a humble request to look into the matter and stop these things that are going on. Not for country but at least for the animals.


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