I just can’t understand why do people practice hypocracy (Yeah, practice is the correct word), like all the ladies who know nothing but still gossip. I mean Acc. to them we (all the fun loving teenagers) shouldn’t play games like football, do cycling on streets, or play games on PC, console or even mobile phones and should study 24/7.


but if their own son\daughter plays a game, it’s very good and they are very fit. I just don’t get it why can’t they just shut their trap up. Let them play what they want to play, by continuously supporting them you are actually  degrading their social skills and these kind of kids become a target of bulling who are also classified as “Mama’s boy”. Also these kind of kids can easily spoil the environment for others.

I humbly request the parents to stop over-supporting their child in everything and teach the children good manners instead of covering it up for them.

P.S. If you too feel the same way or have a complaint you can email it to me at kbraikar@gmail.com


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